Does your social
media align with your business-building goals?

It takes a considerable investment of time and resources to manage a social media office, so this effort should absolutely work to serve your business objectives.

As a Social Media Strategist I provide three key areas of support:

Social Media Strategy

that serves as the baseline for all operations

Thought Leadership Social

for leadership teams

Ongoing Support

to ensure your team can execute on all initiatives

My bailiwick is framing a company's social media management within the context of broader business objectives. I work side-by-side with my clients, as an internal resource, to help teams transform social media activities into a viable business driver. This is a collaborative process with client participation and accountability.

“Without a strategy, you might be posting on social media platforms for the sake of posting. Without understanding what your goals are, who your target audience is, and what they want, it’ll be hard to achieve results on social media." – Buffer

Social Media Strategy - The Process

Business Review - business building goals, plans review: business, marketing & communications plans

S.W.O.T. - analysis of your company's social media performance and where the opportunities are for growth (for mid-sized to large companies).

Social Audit - digital discovery, audience analysis and, for larger companies, a competitive analysis.

Strategy & Tactics - strategic planning and actionable, organic social media tactics to drive your business.

Implementation - interdepartmental coordination systems, content planning & management tools, organic Influencer programs, Twitter optimization, and social media management support for your team.

Content Creation - social storytelling, copy writing, editing, hashtag research & usage, cross-channel distribution, best practices and SEO.

Measurement - analytics and performance systems if not already in place.

Performance Review - evaluate performance on an ongoing basis.


Who can I Help?

Emerging and growth companies looking to invest in their internal social media office. I help companies struggling to deliver social media practices that reach key audiences and win customers. See clients.

Areas of Expertise – my expertise is in but not limited to these verticals: Enterprise, Startups, FinTech, Crowd-Sourcing, Media/Entertainment, eDiscovery, BigData, InfoGov, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Social Media, Social Authors, Social CEO’s.

Thought Leadership Social

In an era when consumer mistrust is at an all time high, your employees can be your company's best social media resource.

Thought Leadership begins with your CEO who sets the tone and vision for the company, but contributors also include others critical for serving the vision, such as SME's with specific industry knowledge. 

Social Media Training - I create programs designed to support Thought Leadership contributors with methodologies rooted in my Social CEO Program, and customized to meet each individual's needs. With training and support any participant can become a savvy social media expert in just a few weeks. Specific areas we will cover include:


Profile Branding - social media profiles that reflect your personal brand and are optimized for search engines

Channel Expertise (Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium & Social Audio) - 1:1 training, advanced user practices, time management tools, my Power of 5 principal (how to create the perfect Tweet).

Channel Strategy & Tactics - social media playbook, proven tactics to boost follower growth & build relationships, hashtag use, tips for industry news gathering.

Training for Social Thought Leaders

My clients will learn how to build relationships with key audiences and master valuable short cuts, best practices and advanced user fluency to fast-track success.

Governance - every company needs a governing Social Media Policy for contributors to be able to participate confidently and move the needle for your business. I will work with your team to craft a governance policy that can serve as part of your on-boarding process for new hires.

Ongoing Support

As a gig-worker, I am often asked to stay on with my clients and help them implement new initiatives. I can take on time-consuming tasks that can be taxing for busy social media departments and love being able to contribute as a valuable member of the social media team.

A Social CEO builds trust with customers!

The more they trust the CEO, the more likely they are to buy your company product or services. Find out more about Abigail’s Social CEO Program!

As an enterprise, we needed to create a strategy to claim our share of voice with customers, industry analysts, investors, industry thought leaders and the media. Abigail helped us to attack step by step. We created a voice for the company and our executives, engaged our internal audience, and thanks to Abigail, we were able to keep pace with the ever-evolving tactics on all of our social media channels. Two years later, we have tripled our engagement and dominate share of voice in our industry.

Andrea Fuller

Global Brand and
Communications Leader