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Customer-First Social Media

Social Media Strategist, Abigail Fisher helps your company adopt and implement strategic social media programs that engage key audiences. Her approach is focused on the ‘customer journey’ and helping your company deliver information that serves customer needs. Unlike an agency Abigail works client side---as a member of your internal team---and her process is collaborative with client participation and accountability.

“Thanks to the key digital transformation trends brought on by social media, the rise of mobile, and the expectation of real-time communications, the age of the customer is reshaping marketing and sales strategies. It means there is no go-to-market strategy anymore—it is now go-to-customer.” – Hootsuite

Abigail doesn’t just set up her clients’ social channels and run them, she empowers clients to master their own social media engagement by teaching them everything she knows---this is an investment in your social media office!


Who does Abigail Help?

Emerging and growth companies looking to invest in their internal social media office. Abigail also helps companies struggling to deliver social media practices that reach key audiences and win customers. See Abigail’s clients.

Areas of Expertise – Abigail's expertise is in but not limited to these verticals: Enterprise, Startups, FinTech, Crowd-Sourcing, Media/Entertainment, eDiscovery, BigData, InfoGov, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Social Media, Social Authors, Social CEO’s.

What can Abigail Deliver?

Abigail’s work is centered around two areas of social media services: strategic consulting and executive training.

Strategic Social Media Services

Abigail’s will work with your company to launch systems and programs that serve your specific social media needs, and which your team will be able to execute within a sustainable framework as your company grows. Her array of consulting services include:

  • Social Audit - digital discovery, audience analysis, and competitive analysis
  • Strategy - strategic planning and organic social media tactics designed to deliver business-building goals
  • Implementation - interdepartmental coordination systems, content planning & management tool systems, Influencer programs, Twitter List building, and social media management support
  • Content Creation -  social storytelling, copy writing, editing, hashtag research & usage, cross-channel distribution, best practices, and SEO
  • Measurement - analytics, performance analysis
  • Performance: evaluate winning tactics

Methodologies include:

Active Listening - set up social channels to monitor industry conversations, identify leading voices & monitor competitors
Thought Leadership - build a content engine to establish industry expertise (may include launching SME programs)
Employee Advocacy - develop ‘social employees’ with education and training
Response - develop a system to meet audience needs and build long-lasting relationships
Analysis - monitor performance to ensure program success

Executive Education & Training

Employees can be a company’s best social media resource and it’s great for business! Audiences can be 8 times more likely to interact with employee user accounts than brands; and employees can build efficacy and trust in a way your brand accounts cannot.

Drawing from her extensive marketing experience, Abigail helps clients develop ‘Social Companies’ by providing ongoing employee education and training. She teaches her clients how to find and hook key audiences, reveals valuable short cuts, tips and insights to fast track her client’s success, and provides ongoing support to establish successful relationship-building practices. Offerings include:

  • Social Employees - employee education & training, account set up & management tools, best practices, leadership teams, SME's, and Social CEO’
  • Governance - company-wide Social Media Policy

A Social CEO builds trust with customers!

The more they trust the CEO, the more likely they are to buy your company product or services. Find out more about Abigail’s Social CEO Program!

As an enterprise, we needed to create a strategy to claim our share of voice with customers, industry analysts, investors, industry thought leaders and the media. Abigail helped us to attack step by step. We created a voice for the company and our executives, engaged our internal audience, and thanks to Abigail, we were able to keep pace with the ever-evolving tactics on all of our social media channels. Two years later, we have tripled our engagement and dominate share of voice in our industry.

Andrea Fuller

Andrea Fuller
Global Brand and
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