Social media support to build social companies.

Social CEO Program

A System of Support

Social CEO’s, Thought Leaders, and Brand Ambassadors at any level require a system of strategic guidance and assistance. That’s why my programs are designed to work with a company’s Corporate Communications department and external PR agencies so that all communications efforts are synchronized to maximize results.

With my strategic guidance, proven tactics and valuable time-saving tips, you can be a social media master in just a few sessions!

Choose a Program or Ask Me to Create One

Social Trailblazers

For Business Leaders and Professionals

6-Week Program

Designed for Business Leaders and Professionals who want to go it alone, my expertise as a Social Media Strategist will guide this process to fast-track participants to social media mastery. I perform the heavy lifting to give your accounts your personal brand stamp, and then teach you how to deploy proven tactics that significantly improve your social media performance and build relationships with key audiences in your industry.

What to Expect

  • 1:1 training
  • 6 week program time frame
  • 6 x 1 hour weekly sessions
  • Homework tasks

Pricing after initial evaluation.

Training Sessions

Week 1: Evaluation, personal branding, goals

Weeks 2-5: Channel training, best practices, management tools

Week 6: Progress review, legacy plan

The Supported Leader

For Business Leaders and Thought Leaders

3-Month Commitment

This is the perfect option for CEOs and Thought Leaders too busy to manage their social channels consistently. In this program I will work with your communications team to train your designated channel manager to be your social media voice. This is a 3-month minimum commitment with hands-on guidance to ensure consistency and success.

What to Expect

  • 1:1 training
  • 3 month commitment
  • 1 hour weekly sessions
  • Homework tasks

Pricing after initial evaluation.

Training & Hands-On Support

  • Evaluation, personal branding, goals
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Hashtag research, strategy, best practices
  • Channel training, best practices, management tools
  • News gathering, corporate communications support
  • Twitter Follower growth
  • Weekly posts from Abigail

Team Training

For Sales and Product Teams

30 min or 60 min webinars

Your Sales and Product Teams are often the first company representatives your customers meet. Turning them into social media advocates can be an invaluable boost to your company’s positive brand perception.

I create training curriculum that teams from any department can use to support your business. Here are some sample tutorials:

Tactical Education Sessions

  1. Event Tweeting Takeover - how to support your company at trade shows and events
  2. How to Craft the Perfect Tweet - unlock the power of 5 and get your tweets noticed
  3. LinkedIn Profile Optimization - personal branding tips & optimization for search
  4. LinkedIn to Get Noticed - how to engage with friends & colleagues
  5. Be a Brand Ambassador - tactics to boost company announcements
  6. What's Up with Social Audio? - an overview of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

Employee Advocacy

For Employee Brand Ambassadors

Weekly Support

A system of support to help your Employees be your best Brand Ambassadors:

  • Curated posts of company news announcements for social media sharing
  • Best practices & tips
  • Industry news round up
  • Rewards & accolades for champion advocates


Every company needs a governing Social Media Policy for contributors to be able to participate confidently and move the needle for your business. I will work with your team to craft a governance policy that can serve as part of your on-boarding process for new hires.


Want to Tweet like a pro?

Take one of my Twitter workshops.

Undoubtedly Twitter is the most challenging social media channel to navigate; but is the most essential social media platform for Thought Leaders in every industry. With this in mind I've developed training programs to advance any professional or professional team to Twitter mastery.

  Twitter Workshop

Tweet Like a Pro
in Only 7 Sessions

For Professionals and Company Teams

7 Sessions

Discovery: 1 call to discuss industry niche, program goals & schedule

Twitter Profile Branding: profile photo, header, @name optimization, bio, industry keywords, privacy & alerts

Monitoring: Abigail will monitor your progress during the program duration and give feedback on your engagement

The Road Ahead: how to keep on Tweeting

Training Modules

5 x 30 min webinars
for strategic engagement on

Why Twitter
Comprehensive overview of the Twitterverse and its many uses, including Twitter Spaces

The Art of Listening
Hashtags/keywords to ID your audience (explore industry conferences)

News Gathering
Tactics for keeping informed, how to find/curate relevant Lists for your industry

Management Tools
Based on your needs Abigail will recommend a Twitter management tool, set you up & provide training

Best Practices
How to create the perfect Tweet ('power of 5') & best practices for engagement

  Advanced Twitter Workshop

Expert Twitter Practices

For Executives and Brand Assistants

3-month Commitment

Discovery: 1 call to discuss industry niche, program goals & schedule

Twitter Profile Branding: profile photo, header, @name optimization, bio, industry keywords, privacy & alerts

Tweet Support: receive model tweets 3x/week during program duration

Monitoring: I will monitor your progress and give feedback on your engagement

The Road Ahead: how to keep on Tweeting

Training Modules

6 x 1 hr Weekly Webinars
for strategic engagement including the following topics in various combinations:

Tactics & tools to keep informed

Management Tools
To maximize efficiency across all devices

Advanced Search
To find customers

Industry Thought Leaders
How to ID influencers & best practices for getting noticed

Best Practices
How to compose the perfect Tweet using the power of 5 & best practices for sticky engagement

Active Listening & Engaged Response
How to engage target audiences

Conference Tweeting
How to participate in/curate conference content

Twitter Spaces
How to guide for #socialaudio participants

Content Creation vs. Content Curation
Which is right for you?; tactics for thought leadership

How to best spread company news

Strategic Plan & Tactics
To deliver goals

How to measure progress

"As a new author, I saw the benefit of having a presence in different social media. After an exhaustive search, I found Abigail's Social CEO program useful. It is a structured and step-by-step process that explains how someone new to social media can create a presence in these channels."

Suman Sarkar

Management Consultant,
Three S Consulting

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