I'm Abigail Fisher, a Social Media Strategist in San Francisco.

How did I get here?

In the summer of 2008, some colleagues invited me along to see Gary Vaynerchuk live-cast the 500th episode of his 'Wine Library TV' show. I'd neither heard of Gary Vee nor his show, but I went along anyway because I was told that it was a not-to-be-missed event. So there I was milling around and swilling wine with 100's of other devotees in a vast SoMa warehouse space. While we crowded around the platform where Gary Vee was broadcasting, I also observed the audience craning their necks to read each other's name tags. Upon closer observation I realized the attendees didn't just feature names on their name tags, they featured this @ symbol followed by a name---they were seeking out each other's Twitter handles! I felt like a true outsider, not privy to this private world the audience was clearly a part of, and my curiosity deepened.

In hindsight I numbered among the early adopters of Twitter, those who perhaps knew one another via the medium, but had never met in person. That was my very first TweetUp and it was led by the man who later became my biggest social media influence, Gary Vaynerchuk. From that event onward, I decided I was going to learn I everything I possibly could about this new social media landscape, and it's been the focus of my work ever since.

I began my new business by offering training sessions in my living room to anyone who wanted to learn about Twitter and Facebook. Education became the cornerstone of my business and it remains so today. I love teaching my clients how to unlock social media's potential for building lasting relationships, with real people, all around the world. Even more, I love when my clients attain that 'ah-hah' moment---when they grasp the power of the medium, and the potential for it to serve their purpose.

I am passionate about the unique potential social media has to make positive human connections, and to help further good in the world. When working with me, I will strive to make the experience as meaningful, as powerful and as lasting as I can. And I will be invested in you and your success, so you carry forth your purpose into the world.


Startups: Varo Money, Imaginable Futures an Omidyar Venture, Citrine.IO, Redcrow, I'd Watch That, Recommind, Digital Strata, Swink.tv, Quantalife

Entrepreneurs: Anne Laury SF, Chef Joanne Weir, Three S Consulting, Mike Smerklo, ABlogToWatch, BASEnergy, Victoria Love Marin, Annie Williams Homes, Bruce Burtch Cause Marketing, The Moss Group

Businesses: VMware, VentureBeat, RedMint, Williams-Sonoma, Bix | Florio | Market Bar, Integrated Cleaning Solutions, Cole Hardware, PassivWorks, Sand Capital Management, Fitness Anywhere, Inc., Winton-DuPont Films

Non-Profits/Education: Stepping On Up with Michael Pritchard, The English Center, Breakthough Collaborative, River Network, Curry Senior Center, SF Tech Connect, Summer Search, Community Gatepath, California Autism Foundation, KIPP Foundation

Strategies for success

When working with business leaders, leadership teams and SME’s (subject matter experts), I help them edit their digital profiles to better reflect their ‘personal brand’ and specific area of expertise. This is particularly important on LinkedIn...

I’m a big fan of Box HQ CEO Aaron Levie who I’ve repeatedly stated is my model Social CEO. This month, he did not disappoint. Aaron isn’t shy when it comes to expressing his personal opinions on politics, tech and any other myriad of...

It is said that ’timing is everything’ and today’s business landscape is seeing a seismic shift in terms of leveling the playing field for women leaders. The #metoo movement has tilted justice decidedly in favor of fair treatment for women...

Abigail knows and loves technology, and as a result she is incredibly effective at teaching non-technical people like myself how to use it. She is great company in the process–likable, at-ease, positive, and enthusiastic.

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