The Social
CEO Program

A customized program for fast-tracking company leaders to social media mastery

Market Opportunity

The number of CEOs who are actively engaged on social media remains surprisingly low -- this represents an almost 'first-to-maket' opportunity for leaders willing to step out with their social brand.

  • Only 40% of Fortune 500 CEOs on social media (have at least one social media account)
  • Only 12% of Top 100 CEOs actively engage in social media
  • 64% of Americans want CEOs to be on social media

Reasons why you may not be a Social CEO


You don't want to be this guy:

Twitter DM Fail
Former Twitter CFO, Anthony Noto, publicly tweeted information about a pending M&A deal when he meant this as a private message—yikes!


You don't have it.


It's a marketing job.


What's the return?

Why me?

Who cares what I had for lunch?

Mark Benioff
Mary Barra
Elon Musk
Aaron Levie

Why do your customers want to see your social brand?

  • Try before they buy - give customers an opportunity to know YOU in order to build trust
  • Present company vision & values - allow them to learn what you stand for
  • Announce products & services - let them know you believe in your products
  • Meet customer service needs - Oh YES!

Customers want access to you!

Customers want to know..

  • What you think
  • How you think
  • Who you truly are

Social media provides a direct link to YOU...AND, it’s great for business! It’s time to step out with your social brand! Ready to learn more?

Abigail is a social media expert. I would recommend her skill set and services for any senior executive interested in social media. She is a real expert and bring practical advice as to how best to develop a actionable social media strategy.

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Mike Smerklo
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