The Social
CEO Program

A customized program for fast-tracking company leaders to social media mastery

Market Opportunity

The number of CEOs who are actively engaged on social media remains surprisingly low -- this represents an almost 'first-to-maket' opportunity for leaders willing to step out with their social brand.

  • Only 40% of Fortune 500 CEOs on social media (have at least one social media account)
  • Only 12% of Top 100 CEOs actively engage in social media
  • 64% of Americans want CEOs to be on social media

According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, 86% of respondents agree that 'CEO's must lead on societal issues': "The heightened expectations of business bring CEOs new demands to focus on societal engagement with the same rigor, thoughtfulness, and energy used to deliver on profits."

Reasons why you may not be a Social CEO


You don't want to be this guy:

Twitter DM Fail
Former Twitter CFO, Anthony Noto, publicly tweeted information about a pending M&A deal when he meant this as a private message—yikes!


You don't have it.


It's a marketing job.


What's the return?

Why me?

Who cares what I had for lunch?

Mark Benioff
Mary Barra
Elon Musk
Aaron Levie

Why do your customers want to see your social brand?

  • Try before they buy - give customers an opportunity to know YOU in order to build trust
  • Present company vision & values - allow them to learn what you stand for
  • Announce products & services - let them know you believe in your products
  • Meet customer service needs - Oh YES!

Customers want access to you!

Customers want to know..

  • What you think
  • How you think
  • Who you truly are

Social media provides a direct link to YOU...AND, it’s great for business! It’s time to step out with your social brand! Ready to learn more?

Abigail is a social media expert. I would recommend her skill set and services for any senior executive interested in social media. She is a real expert and bring practical advice as to how best to develop a actionable social media strategy.

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Mike Smerklo
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